Common Errors

Common errors and how to mitigate them

ValueError: Transcript confidence below threshold value

This error indicates that our transcription service had difficulty identifying the language spoken in your audio file or the quality was too low. We prioritize quality and accuracy, so if it cannot transcribe with confidence, our models won't be able to process it further.

By default, we use an automated language detection method for our Speech Prosody, Language, and NER models. However, if you know what language is being spoken in your media samples, you can specify it via its BCP-47 tag and potentially obtain more accurate results.

If you see the message above there are few steps you can do to resolve the issue:

  • Verify we support the language here: Supported Languages

  • Insure you are providing clear, high-quality audio files.

  • Specify the language within your request if you know the language in the audio.

    from hume import HumeBatchClient
    from hume.models.config import ProsodyConfig
    client = HumeBatchClient("<your-api-key>")
    urls = [""]
    model_configs = [ProsodyConfig()]
    transcription_config = TranscriptionConfig(language="en")
    job = client.submit_job(urls, model_configs, transcription_config=transcription_config)
    predictions = job.get_predictions()
    "transcription": {
        "language": "en"


You can specify any of the following:

zh, da, nl, en, en-AU, en-IN, en-NZ, en-GB, fr, fr-CA, de, hi, hi-Latn, id, it, ja, ko, no, pl, pt, pt-BR, pt-PT, ru, es, es-419, sv, ta, tr, or uk.