The Science Behind Hume AI

What is it about speaking in person that allows us to understand each other so much more accurately than text alone? It isn't what we say—it's the way we say it. Science consistently demonstrates that expressions are the building blocks of empathy.

That being said, expressions aren't direct windows into the human mind. Measuring and interpreting expressive behavior is a complex and nuanced task that is the subject of ongoing scientific research.

The scientists at Hume AI have run some of the largest-ever psychology studies to better understand how humans express themselves. By investigating expressions around the world and what they mean to the people making them, we’ve mapped out the nuances of expression in the voice, language, face, and body in unprecedented detail. We’ve published this research in the world’s leading scientific journals and, for the first time, translated it into cutting-edge machine learning models.

These models, shaped by a new understanding of human expression, include:

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