Interested in gaining access to a few of Hume's datasets

Hi! I had reached out a few weeks ago to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to ask about the cost of gaining access to Hume's datasets for commercial use. I was wondering what that cost would be? Would it be possible to chat with someone further on this? Thank you!


Do you have a demo of the experience and deliverables?

I am getting a CUDA misaligned address error when running my analysis?

\[{"source": {"url": "****************\*\*\*\*****************"type": "url"}, "results": {"predictions": \[{"file": "4599190.mp3", "file_type": "audio", "models": {"prosody": {"metadata": {"confidence": 0.9941406, "detected_language": "en"}, "grouped_predictions": \[]}, "language": {"metadata": {"confidence": 0.9941406, "detected_language": "en"}, "grouped_predictions": \[]}}}], "errors": [{"file": "4599190.mp3", "model": "prosody", "message": "unexpected error analyzing media: CUDA error: misaligned address\nCompile with `TORCH_USE_CUDA_DSA` to enable device-side assertions.\n"}, {"file": "4599190.mp3", "model": "language", "message": "unexpected error analyzing media: CUDA error: \n"}]}}]misaligned address\\nCompile with `TORCH_USE_CUDA_DSA` to enable device-side assertions.

API in Flutterflow

Hi anyone implement the APIs in Flutterflow? I looking for the text evaluation API.

Has anyone got this working with Node.js and is prepared to share code to help me?

I'm struggling right now to get this working. I have an audio stream coming in from TwilioFlex that I'm successfully calling a different web socket client with so pretty sure the issue is with how I'm trying to call Hume. Any help greatly and gratefully appreciated!

Getting an illegal memory error when trying to run my video??

"message": "unexpected error analyzing media: CUDA error: an illegal memory access was encountered\\nCompile with `TORCH_USE_CUDA_DSA` to enable device-side assertions.\\n"

Lang Model, audio vs text

Will using the Language model with a text file (with 100% correct transcription) provide worse results than an audio file with 90% correct transcription. Basically does the lang model only take into account text or does it take into account more complex ideas aswell.

Discord link invalid / Cryptic Sentiment Label

Hi, I tried joining the Discord but the invite was invalid. Do I have to use my hume dev email to signup or something? Further, I used the batch API to generate sentiments and after labels titled: Sentiment 1, 2...etc...what do they represent? Lastly, how do I get Hume to spit out an overall sentiment score for a piece of text/audio/or video?

Is there a way to measure eye contact?

Eye contact is extremely important in the domain i am working in.... Is there a way to tell using Hume if someone is maintaining eye contact?

Do you support Emojis?

At this time we do not support emojis.