I keep getting this error which I have never gotten before.

HumeClientException: Failed batch request: parse request payload error: failed to parse "Prosody": unknown field `identify_speakers`. (occurred while parsing "optional<Prosody>") (occurred while parsing "Models") (occurred while parsing "InferenceBaseRequest")

Error Codes for Batch API

I have seen that error codes have been provided for the streaming API, but it is being difficult to understand the reason behind the errors because I cant find any error codes particularly for Batch API.

Alternative payment methods / alternate to credit cards

Is Hume AI considering alternate payment methods like international debit cards / Paypal, etc. other than credit card payment option

Hume for multiface detection

I am using the batch API, how can I use HUME faceconfig for multi face detection.

Is it possible to parse text from the rest api?

Is it possible to parse text from the rest api? if yes can someone show me an example. this is not clear to me

Cant find any place to provide aws credentials.

so basically I want to run Hume on the videos on my s3 bucket, but I get 403 error, because I cant provide my access keys of AWS. How can this be done if hume is to be tested for the data in s3 buckets which I dont want to make public.

Python API Issues

Hello, I am trying to run the models on the videos and the images present in my local machine. But as far has I have seen the documentation, it seems as if APIs only work on the external URLs provided. Is there any way with which I can infer the API model on the data present in my machine?

Is there a Discord available?

Hi! Is there a discord server available? Thank you!

Failing Jobs (Status Code: 400)

Hi! Not sure if this is an isolated case but I'm getting a failing job error message anytime I run a job, trying to get predictions. Just wanting to see if perhaps something more widespread? Thank you! ``` { "message": "Job has failed.", "status": 400 } ```

Hume analysis not running

Hello, I was running my code on Friday morning and it was working fine, I go to run it again today and I am getting this error by hume: HumeClientException: Request timed out after 300s I am assuming this is something going on internally because I have never had this problem before but if not, please let me know, so I can tell if it is my code or not. Thank you.